Sunday's are for the Flea Market!

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for church or brunches, but if you’re a designer like me Sunday’s are always set aside for the flea market. I started out in Los Angeles selling my clothes at local flea markets so I’ve always had a special love for them.

(Some of my favorite flea market finds)

To me, they’re a treasure trove of some of the most unique items that you just can’t find anywhere else. There are times when I take...

A look into the Fall 2018 Collection

With Fall Fashion Week wrapping up, I thought I'd share a sneak peek into our very own Fall 2018 Collection and the inspiration behind it. 




Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant were key artists in the formation of the Bloomsbury Group of 1907 - 1930. They were both known for their colorful portraits and still-life paintings.

Their painterly strokes...

How Art Inspired the Spring 2018 Collection


“When you’re drawn to something that is your soul speaking.” -  Elizabeth Dehn

I can’t think of a more accurate way to gauge my discovery for loving the artist, Cy Twombly. I’ve noticed after numerous visits to museums in New York and London that I would gravitate towards his large-scale paintings that have these incredible lines filled with energy. Consistently, I would gaze down at the plaque and think “Oh, it’s Cy Twombly. Of course!”. He was the starting point for my...

From aspiring actress to fashion designer.


How one ends up in their career is always such an interesting story. Gianni Versace was an architect before he found his love for fashion design. Coco Chanel was a cabaret singer. 

The recent events of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements put a spotlight on my own journey of becoming a designer.

Early on, I used the halls of my high school as a catwalk formy fashion experiments. I created elaborate outfits for each character and tested the...

Eva's Hungarian Heritage

Having spent time with my family over the holidays, I’m reminded of the great distance we’ve come. I grew up in Transylvania, but of Hungarian descent which made it that much more challenging under the communist dictator, Ceausescu in Romania. I was 10 when we arrived in the US and very quickly realized that fashion was so much more important in this country. This concept of fashion being expressive instead of being utilitarian.

I see a tangible trail right back to Transylvania in my choices...